ESCAP Trade Facilitation Framework: A Guiding Tool

Date of publication: 
Thursday, June 24, 2004

A tool to systematically define trade facilitation priorities, review and streamline the trade and customs regulatory framework, simplify procedures and documentation, use information technology for trade facilitation, develop effective information dissemination mechanisms to assist the private sector, and review and assess the results.
The UNESCAP Trade Facilitation Framework is a guiding tool to assist Governments in assessing the national trade facilitation conditions, problems and bottlenecks and suggest concrete remedial measures that may be applied to redress these problems.
The Framework employs a step-by-step approach to identifying problems and bottlenecks found within five key areas creating trade facilitation environment. The five areas, all of which have a direct bearing on trade transactions and associated costs, include:
• Trade and customs laws and regulations
• Trade documentation
• Customs clearance procedures
• Trade and customs enforcement
• The use of ICT for trade facilitation.
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