Exhibition on Trade Facilitation

The exhibition: 
The APTFF 2017 Multimedia Exhibition will take place on the side of Asia Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum 2017 from 5-7 September at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.   

Public and private sector organizations involved in trade facilitation, paperless trade, logistics or any sector related to trade facilitation will showcase their projects, initiatives, publications with an objective to exchange knowledge and good practices in paperless trade solutions and trade facilitation policies. Showcase of individual company’s products and services are not allowable. 

- Enable sharing of experiences and knowledge on paperless trade, trade facilitation and related topics.
- Introduce projects, initiatives, lessons learned, recommendations, policy measures and facilities related to trade facilitation and paperless trade.
- Exchange of views between public and private stakeholders.

Exhibition guide/ Facilities/ Registration form: 
- APTFF 2017 Multimedia Exhibition Guide
- Booth and Facilities
- Booth Registration Form