UNNExT Handbook on Implementing UN/CEFACT e-Business standards in agricultural trade

Date of publication: 
Thursday, March 31, 2016

This handbook presents a general framework for the implementation of e-Business standards in the agrifood sector. The handbook looks specifically at four e-Business standards developed by UN/CEFACT in the areas of electronic phytosanitary certificates; electronic reporting of sustainable fishery management; electronic exchange of laboratory analysis results; and management and exchange for certificates for trade in CITES controlled species. The handbook also briefly highlights two emerging and important e-Business areas, namely electronic notification of food and feed safety issues; and Traceability in agriculture supply chains.
The electronic business solutions in each of these areas have their own set of benefits. Moreover, electronic standards contribute to a sustainable agrifood sector and the national economy, as they help to facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge; ensure public health; ensure sustainability of resource exploitation and production; limit fraud and illegal activities; reduce cost and waste; and facilitate trade. This handbook hopes to facilitate the adoption of e-Business standards for agricultural trade.
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