Business Process Analysis Training for Cambodia, 19-21 July 2010, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The training is the second phase of ESCAP’s support, in a two-phase trade facilitation capacity-building programme designed for Cambodia, in response to a request from the Government through the Supreme National Economic Council (SNEC).


The objective of the training is to build capacity of selected Cambodian experts in conducting business process analysis on four key import and export products identified under Cambodia’s economic diversification strategy.

Capacity Building Workshop on Single Window and Business Process Analysis, 9 July 2010, Baku, Azerbaijan

The main workshop objectives are for participants to:

  • Learn the role of business process analysis for simplification of trade, introduction of electronic trade documents and Single Window development
  • Understand the managerial tasks for preparing and conducting Business Process Analysis Projects
  • Understand how Business Process Analysis is used to implement paperless trade and electronic Single Window projects

National Workshop on Advancing Trade Facilitation, 1-2 June 2010, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  1. To contribute to the debate on how to place trade facilitation more effectively within the context of Cambodia’s economic development strategy; and
  2. To foster increased understanding and exchange of views between public and private stakeholders

Participants: Cambodian government official, private sectors etc.