List of online expert database

No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
1 Abdelkader Chachi International Organization Trade Facilitation (general)
2 Abdul Wassay Haqiqi Academia Transport Facilitation (general) Transit Facilitation, Capacity Building & Insurance
3 Abhinav Gupta Government Transport Facilitation (general) Customs Valuation, Preferential Rules of Origin, National Valuation Database Development, SAARC Trade Development and Facilitation issues, Stakeholder Coordination
4 Abu Bakar Munir Academia Legal Issue Data Protection, E-Commerce, ICT Laws
5 Adnan Md Iqbal
6 Ahmed Yasin Salih Government Customs Facilitation Business Process Analysis
7 Ahreum Lee International Organization Legal Issue
8 Aida Government
9 Aigul Almazbek Kyzy Government
10 Aissatou KASSE
11 Aivaras Pigaga E-Service Provider Transit Facilitation Customs Modernization/Automation, Single Window, Trade Automation, Business Process Analysis, Data Harmonization, Customs Facilitation
12 Ajantha Dias Government Customs Facilitation Single window and data harmonization
13 Alan Tay E-Service Provider Transport Facilitation (general)
14 Aleksandr Sazonov International Organization Legal Issue Business process analysis, trade facilitation (general)
15 Aleksandr Sazonov International Organization Legal Issue Business process analysis, trade facilitation (general)
16 Aleksei Bondarenko International Organization
17 Aljosja Beije E-Service Provider Trade Automation Blockchain CEO of Blocklab, a 100% subsidiary of the Port of Rotterdam, that develops blockchain solutions for Energy and Supply Chain. Co-author of the book Blockchain and the Supply Chain : Concepts, Strategies and Practical Implementations. Together with Nick Vyas and Bhaskar Krishnamachari, both professors at University of Southern California. Interview in Port Technology International (August 2019) Supply chain management Interview in Supply Chain Management Review (May-June edition 2019).
18 Alla Kryzhanovskaya Trade Facilitation (general) Legal Issue (Legal aspects of building the transboundary trust environment)
19 ALVIN C K MAH International Organization Single Window Public-Private Partnership Stakeholder Coordination Trade Facilitation E-Commerce
20 Amarashish Phanse Trade Facilitation (general) B2B, B2C business networking