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No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
21 Anar Baloglan Gasimli
22 Anarkan Rakhmanova Government Trade Facilitation (general)
23 Anice Joseph Chandra Government
24 Arada Feungthong
25 Asa Larsson Logistics Service Provider Trade Facilitation (general) Customs reform (general) Transport facilitation (general) Trade and investment policy
26 Athar Fahim Government Business Process Analysis Customs & VAT Reforms and Modernization; Business Process Re-engineering (AS-IS & TO-BE Process Modeling) Information Technology Assessment; Project/Programme Management; WCO Standards and Bench marking Expertise; E-Services;
27 Athri Sasanka Liyanaarachchi Government
28 Azade Bagheri Government
29 Azhar Jaimurzina International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Transport facilitation, transport infrastructure
30 Bakhtiyar Kurbanov
31 Bakhtiyor Mirakov
32 Bandith Sulayakham Government
33 Baraimal Jeryan
34 Benazir Rahman
35 Berdibek Alibekov
36 Bhumi Shwor Pokhrel Government Business Process Analysis Trade Facilitation,Public policy,Social policy, trade and gender so on
37 Bismark Sitorus International Organization Trade Facilitation (general)
38 Bounthone Academia Trade Facilitation (general) International Trade, Openness and Poverty.
40 Cambodochine Dao