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No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
201 Michael Geist Academia E-Commerce Law, copyright, intellectual property, privacy
202 Miley Trade/Business Association Trade Facilitation (general)
203 Miodrag Mitic Academia Trade Facilitation (general) Food Safety, Traceability, eCommerce, Supply Chain Management, International Standards, ICT
204 Mithileshwar Thakur Government
205 Mitul Kumar Saha
206 Mohamed Babekir Elgali Academia Agricultural Trade
207 Mohamed Hameed
208 Mohamed OUBALEK Academia Legal Issue
209 Mohammad Abu Yusuf International Organization
210 Mohammad Akbar Hossain
211 Mohammad Ehteshamul Hoque Government Customs Facilitation Trade Facilitation, Transit Facilitation, Trade Negotiations, Harmonized System, Customs Valuation, Customs Reform and Modernization
212 Mohammad Farhad Academia
213 Mohammad Garakani Neghad Government
214 Mohammad Mizanur Rabaman
215 Mohammad Mosharraf Uddin Molla
216 Mohammad Moshiul Alam Government
217 Mohammad Saeed
218 Mohammad Yunus Academia Transit Facilitation rade Facilitation (general) Transport Facilitation (general) Customs Facilitation
219 Mohammad Zobair Qasim Zadah
220 Mohd Afandi Md Amin Government Trade Facilitation (general) Information Technology, Web application