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No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
41 Captan Aung
42 Carsten Hess Logistics Service Provider
43 Cecilia Hao E-Service Provider Trade Facilitation (general)
44 Cecilia Reyes E-Service Provider Customs Facilitation Paperless Trade Transaction Process
45 Chaitanya N E-Service Provider Trade Facilitation (general)
46 Chanunya Bandhukul Government
47 Christian Ksoll International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Transport Facilitation, Trade, BPA, Regional Integration
48 Claro Orlando V. Parlade Trade/Business Association Legal Issue
49 Cordula Rastogi International Organization Trade Facilitation (general)
50 Cristina B. Macasaquit Government
51 Cuong Ngoc Le Government Trade Facilitation (general)
52 Cuong Nguyen International Organization Trade Facilitation (general)
53 Damen Peter Agricultural Trade
54 David Burns E-Service Provider E-Commerce Electronic bills of lading; single window; ocean shipping; trade automation; transit facilitation; e-logistics; visibility; track and trace; shipment documentation
55 Deepak Subedi
56 Dennis Capistrano Pantastico International Organization Single Window Customs Operation, Business Process Analysis, Trade Facilitation, Time Measurement, Regulatory Reforms
57 Dhanashree R Shukla Trade/Business Association Agricultural Trade
58 dill E-Service Provider Data Harmonization ECommerce, Trade Facilitation, Trade Automation
59 Dilum Abeysekera E-Service Provider Trade Facilitation (general) international trade law, e-Contracting & e-Signatures, legal consulting, paperless trade facilitation
60 Din Nhan Academia E-Commerce