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No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
61 dill E-Service Provider Data Harmonization ECommerce, Trade Facilitation, Trade Automation
62 Dilum Abeysekera E-Service Provider Trade Facilitation (general) international trade law, e-Contracting & e-Signatures, legal consulting, paperless trade facilitation
63 Din Nhan Academia E-Commerce
64 Dinh Trong Nhan E-Service Provider
65 Djamel Bouhabel Government Customs Facilitation Trade facilitation, Customs and trade facilitation training.
66 Donaldhot Zakaz Trade/Business Association Trade Facilitation (general)
67 Dong-Hyuk, Kim Trade/Business Association Customs Facilitation Data Harmonization, Single-Window
68 Edy Putra Irawady Government Single Window
69 Ekaterina Silanteva International Organization Trade Facilitation (general)
70 Elaine MacEachern
71 Elena Tsoi
72 Emin Teymurov Government Transit Facilitation trade policy, e-commerce, trade law
73 Emine Bilgehan Dagkiran Government Trade Facilitation (general) Transit facilitation, single window, e-commerce
74 Esa Noryati Abdul Ghani
75 Esteban Ferro International Organization Transport Facilitation (general)
76 Eswaran Sankaranarayanan E-Service Provider Trade Facilitation (general)
77 Eva Chan Chaw Peng E-Service Provider Data Harmonization Single Window, e-Commerce, Trade facilitation, Customs Facilitation
78 Fakhrul Ahsan
79 Faouzi Trade/Business Association Single Window Business Process Analysis, Trade Facilitation (General), Custom Facilitation
80 Farid Jahed International Organization