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No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
121 Jacky Yu Ki NG International Organization E-Commerce Application Development, Information Technology, Information Governance & Security, Data Science & Transportation Technology Application.
122 Jacob Ninan E-Service Provider Trade Automation E-Commerce, E-Service, Data Harmonization, paperless trade transaction process, track and trace
123 Jagmohan Bajaj Government Trade Facilitation (general) International Relations, Education
124 Jamal Shah Stanekzai Government
125 James Gract Trade/Business Association Transport Facilitation (general)
126 James Lenaghan Customs Facilitation Customs Modernisation, Trade Facilitation, Single Window, Trade Portal, Transit, Supply Chain Security, Integrity
127 Jan Hoffmann International Organization Transport Facilitation (general) Maritime Transport. Trade Facilitation Negotiations. Trade and Transit Facilitation in General.
128 Jana Krimpe E-Service Provider Public-Private Partnership Mobile identity national schema, cross-border e-services, e-Government, cross-border e-Signatures validation scheme
129 Jari Salo Trade/Business Association Trade Facilitation (general) Single Window, Transport & Logistics, electronic invoicing
130 Javaid Mansoor Government Transit Facilitation Trade Facilitation (General); Transport Facilitation (General)
131 Jayani Nimanthika Government Transport Facilitation (general) e-Commerce, legal issues, plant quarantine, phytosanitation, international phytosanitary standards
132 Jayvee Jasper Santos International Organization Customs Facilitation automation
133 Ji, Seok-Koo Government E-Commerce Software Industry Policy and Promotion
134 Jian Wang Academia E-Commerce legal and practical aspect of import and export, paperless trading, international business and business negotiation
135 Jina Choi Trade/Business Association Data Harmonization Single Window, Customs Facilitation
136 Joao Ribeiro International Organization
137 JOO, Choong Ryeon E-Service Provider E-Commerce Project Management
138 Jukka Savo International Organization Single Window Maritime transport facilitation Policy and legislation
139 Julian Latimer Clarke International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Competition, competitiveness, private sector development, governance, trade policy
140 Jun Ho Shin International Organization Trade Facilitation (general)