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No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
161 Latthana Douangboupha Government Trade Facilitation (general) Trade negotiation
162 Lee, Sanghyup International Organization Customs Facilitation
163 Leki Tenzin
164 Leong Seng, Loo E-Service Provider Customs Facilitation Single Window
165 Leontyeva Irina
166 Lilani Champika Hewage Government Agricultural Trade 20 years working experience in Plant Quarantine and entomology, sub committee member of SPS & TBT and NTFC
168 Linjing Trade/Business Association
169 Locknie Hsu Academia Legal Issue WTO law, inclusive trade, trade and development, investment law, ASEAN economic integration, trade facilitation, e-commerce, supply chains and technology, and cross-border dispute settlement
170 Luca Castellani International Organization E-Commerce Electronic Single Window; Electronic Signatures (including cross-border recognition).
171 Luca Urciuoli Academia Trade Facilitation (general) Trade Facilitation, E-Commerce, Trade Automation, Business process analysis
172 Lun Vanny
173 Ly Hoang Hai
174 Maame Agyeben International Organization Trade Facilitation (general)
175 Madeleine Grozy Trade/Business Association Transport Facilitation (general)
176 Madjid Golparvaran Tehrani Academia Transport Facilitation (general) Port Community System Single Window
177 Magda Theodate International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Trade Legal Issues, Trade Policy Review, Trade Policy Drafting, Single Window, SME Training, Promoting private sector development or innovation.
178 Mahmood Zargar International Organization E-Commerce IT, Trade Facilitation , Single Window infrastructure
179 Malika Kurbonova Government
180 Mandukhai Batsukh Government Business Process Analysis Trade Facilitation (general)