List of online expert database

No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
221 Mohammad Yunus Academia Transit Facilitation rade Facilitation (general) Transport Facilitation (general) Customs Facilitation
222 Mohammad Zobair Qasim Zadah
223 Mohd Afandi Md Amin Government Trade Facilitation (general) Information Technology, Web application
224 Mozaffar Rahman
225 Mr. Ajay Dutta Academia Business Process Analysis e-Governance, Web Security, digital marketing, online census system development
226 Mr. Dietmar Jost Government Customs Facilitation Trade facilitation, trade automation, e-commerce, single window, legal issues, transport facilitation, data harmonization, business process analysis, stakeholder coordination
227 Mr. Florian A. Alburo Academia Transport Facilitation (general)
228 MS Iniyavan Trade/Business Association Agricultural Trade USA AND ASIA
229 Mu-Hyuk, Kweon E-Service Provider Customs Facilitation National Single Window
230 Muhammad Anwar Logistics Service Provider Transport Facilitation (general) Transit Trade, Customs, stakeholders coordinations
231 Muhammad Naeem Khan Logistics Service Provider Business Process Analysis an ongoing community of knowledge and practice to facilitate the Asia-Pacific region and practice for experts from developing Technical Support.and practice for experts from developing Technical Support.Etc
232 Munira Sarmin
233 Muniruzzaman Khan
234 Muratzhan Jangozin
235 Murzakmatov Bekzhan
236 Muslim Rokhinov
237 Mustafa ŞAHİN
238 Muwasiq M Noor, ST, MT E-Service Provider Single Window Trade Facilitation, Data Harmonization
239 Nabaraj Bhandari Government Agricultural Trade customs facilitatio
240 Narantsetseg Tseyenpil