List of online expert database

No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
241 Patrik Jonasson
242 Pavan Duggal International Organization Legal Issue I am a practicing advocate in the Supreme Court of India, specializing in Cyberlaw & E-commerce Law, Privacy Law, Mobile Law, Intellectual Property Rights & Information Technology, Information Security law and Business Process Outsourcing Law
243 Pema Thinley
244 Pengcheng Qu
245 Peter Stokes E-Service Provider Single Window Business Process Facilitation, Customs Facilitation,Trade Facilitation
246 Phoutsawanh Khounchantha
247 Phuntsho Wangdi
248 Ponprome Chairidchai
249 Prabir De Government Trade Facilitation (general) regional economics, trade policy, services trade
251 Prapriut Jitsaman
252 Prem P. Adhikari
253 Prita Hapsari Roosma Dewi International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Customs,International trade, International business
254 Pritam Banerjee
255 Pulatbek Abdumutalov Trade/Business Association Legal Issue customs facilitation, single window
256 Purushottam Ojha Government Trade Facilitation (general) Agriculture trade. Transit facilitation. Multimodal transport. Trade negotiation.
257 Quang Anh Le Government Customs Facilitation Business Process Analysis. Single Window design and implementation. Trade facilitation and international supply chain.
258 Quynh Thuy Nguyen
259 Rachid Benjelloun International Organization Single Window Trade policy, food safety, WTO.
260 Rajesh Gopalsamy Santhanam E-Service Provider Transport Facilitation (general) Implementation of Single Window platforms, business process automation, investment promotion