List of online expert database

No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
381 Wang Jian
382 Wanpen Srichart
383 William J. Luddy International Organization Legal Issue
384 Wong Mee Wan Government Single Window Customs Facilitation, Data Harmonization Paperless Trade
385 Yann Duval International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Trade Facilitation Negotiations; TF performance evaluation, monitoring and research; Trade Finance
386 Yao-hua Tan Academia Trade Facilitation (general)
387 Yasit Intarasatit
388 Yelena Vassilevskaya Trade/Business Association
389 Yin Yin Moe
390 YongSeok Cho Trade/Business Association Trade Facilitation (general) Project management of single window, especially, e-letter of Credit system in ROK - Experience in Transport on Asian Highway, Dry port and International intermodal transport corridor in North-East and Central Asia.
391 Yun Sovanna Trade/Business Association
392 ZENING GE E-Service Provider E-Commerce Business process analysis; trade finance; B2B infrastructure planning; logistics planning and strategy
393 Zhumakov Zhyldyzbek
394 Zoltan Patkai E-Service Provider Trade Facilitation (general)