List of online expert database

No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
81 Fook Seng, Chan E-Service Provider
82 Galina Monich
83 Gambert Erwan E-Service Provider Single Window Government Services, International trade, Logistic, SW practical implementation
84 Gantushig E-Service Provider Business Process Analysis
85 Georgyso
86 Georgyso Trade Facilitation (general)
87 Gourish Krishna Kharel Academia Transport Facilitation (general) Supply Chain Management, BPA, National Single Window project
88 Guliyev Rauf Zahid
89 Gurudutt P.B E-Service Provider Single Window Actively participated in Asean Single window related project activity.
90 Ha Hai Do
91 Habibov Tohir Government Trade Facilitation (general)
92 Hamid Golmohammadi Trade/Business Association Single Window Trade Facilitation Data Harmonization Business Process Analysis
93 Harihar Poudyal
94 Harihara Sudhan K E-Service Provider Single Window Business Process Analysis, Data Harmonization and e-customs
95 Heiner E-Service Provider Data Harmonization Traceability, in particular for food Smallholder integration and capacity building Traceability standards
96 Hisanao Sugamata Trade/Business Association Data Harmonization
97 Hoang Thanh Tung
98 hong LIN International Organization Customs Facilitation WCO HS Training Expert, Single Window
99 Hong Xue Academia Legal Issue Intellectual Property, Internet Governance, E-commerce law
100 Hossam Younes Abd El Aziz Government Trade Facilitation (general) Technical experience in agro-industry and small enterprise development, export market products, value chain analysis and upgrading, pro-poor markets. Agriculture economics research Understanding of governmental policies and procedures.