List of online expert database

No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
141 Kaling Dorji
142 Kalybek Akmatov Government Customs Facilitation
143 Karma Wangchuk Government Trade Facilitation (general) Conducting feasibility studies
144 Kerri Ahn Logistics Service Provider Single Window e-Business, Logistics
145 Kevin Gallagher International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Environment, Aid, Trade Legislation
146 Khaleda Academia Transport Facilitation (general)
147 Khaleda Academia
148 Khan Salehin International Organization Agricultural Trade Business Process Analysis
149 Khemdeth SIHAVONG Government Trade Facilitation (general) Transit Facilitation Customs Facilitation
150 Khrustaleva Academia Trade Facilitation (general)
151 Khurshid Ahmad FARHAD Trade/Business Association Agricultural Trade
152 Kinley Pelden
153 KO KO LAY Government
154 Kokichi WATANABE Trade/Business Association Trade Automation Cross-border exchange of trade related documents and legal framework through the experience of promoting TEDI system developed by the Japanese government.
155 Kong Sophal Government
156 Krishna Prasad Rai Government Food Dafety and Laboratory Accreditation
157 Kulu Anisi Bloomfield International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Border Management and Security Revenue Management Trade Negotiations & Rules of Origin
158 Kush Chhetri Government
159 Lamngeun Saipadith
160 Laping Wu Academia