UNNExT Capacity Building Workshop on Addressing Legal Issues for Single Window Implementation and Paperless Trade, 7-8 October 2011, Seoul, Republic of Korea

he purpose of this pilot workshop is to introduce participants to legal issues that need to be addressed to enable paperless trade and single window implementation at the national level, as well as to facilitate interoperability and interconnectivity of e-trade systems across borders. The objective is to build the capacity of participants to develop comprehensive and harmonized paperless trade legal frameworks, providing a sound legal basis for the operation and interoperability of national single windows and related e-business and e-logistics platforms.

Expert Group Meeting on Regional Cooperation Mechanisms: Regional Agreement on Electronic Exchange of Trade Data and Documents, 25-26 July 2011, Bangkok, Thailand

The EGM will bring together the Legal Advisory Group Members of the UNNExT and other legal government experts to discuss in details the feasibility and content of a regional cooperation mechanism for electronic exchange of trade data and documents. It will also come in support of the implementation of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Framework on Trade Facilitation.