Inception Workshop of the ESCAP-ADB Project on Trade and Transport Facilitation Performance Monitoring in the SASEC countries, 26-27 November 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

To discuss measures for establishing a sustainable and integrated monitoring mechanism - based on Business Process Analysis Plus (BPA+) methodology - in selected countries in South Asia including Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

Global Trade Facilitation Conference 2013, 18-19 November 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

The lack of participation of domestic enterprises in regional and global markets is one of the main causes of slow growth observed in some developing and transition economies. While geography and poor physical infrastructure are important factors in explaining such exclusion, non-physical obstacles to trade, such as cumbersome and unpredictable export/import procedures, also significantly affect trade costs and the ability of firms in developing countries to participate in international production networks.

UNNExT Advisory Group Meeting on Paperless Systems for Agricultural Trade Facilitation, 12 September 2013, Beijing, China

To discuss on the content of a UNNExT Guide on Paperless Systems for Agrucultural Trade Facilitation and various issue on paperless trade systems for agricultural trade and way forward for UNNExT agricultural trade facilitation.

This event is held back-to-back with the APTFF 2013.