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Facilitating Compliance to Food Safety and Quality for Cross-border Trade in Asia and the Pacific_cover.jpg Facilitating Compliance to Food Safety and Quality for Cross-border Trade

This publication describes the type of food safety and quality issues impacting cross-border trade. It highlights important food safety and quality control strategies, which will strengthen food safety and quality within countries, which will facilitate cross-border trade. Robust food quality and safety systems can lead to greater confidence in the importing country of the export country capabilities and thereby require less stringent import controls. Finally, the publication brings out guidance to governments for implementing effective food control systems that will facilitate exports as these will meet importing country requirements; and will also expedite import clearance and release of goods at border. An overview of each of these areas is highlighted below in brief.

Guide on Paperless Transit: Training Manual

Based on the ESCAP study on paperless transit, the guide is prepared to provide support to the training programmes for capacity building of officials, to design and implement paperless transit systems.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Trade and Transport facilitation: ICT related requirements and gaps in implementing Trade and Transport facilitation systems
Study on Integration of Transport Requirements in Single Window Environment

The focus of this study is on transport and transit requirements in paperless systems, transport-related single windows systems and integration of transport requirements and transport-related systems, including customs transit systems, in overall single window environment.

UNNExT Single Window Master Plan templates