No. Title Study period Link to study
1 Business Process Analysis (BPA) of Trade Procedures in the Republic of Korea 2014 to 2015
2 Import of fabric from China to Kyrgyzstan 2014 to 2015
3 Export of Maize and Import of Animal Feed in Lao PDR 2012 to 2014
4 Export of Cassava and Maize in Cambodia 2012 to 2013
5 Export of Jute Hessian Bags and Import of Wheat in Bangladesh 2012 to 2013
6 Export of Rice and Mango, and Import of Palm Oil in Myanmar 2012 to 2013
7 BPA of Import of Rice and Export of Cardamom in Nepal 2012 to 2013
8 Trade Process Analysis Report for Subregional Cooperation in South Asia 2011 to 2012
9 Improving Import-Export Procedures and Processes in Sri Lanka 2010 to 2011
10 Trade Facilitation in India: An Analysis of Trade Processes and Procedures 2010 to 2011
11 An Analysis of Trade Facilitation and Import/Export Processes in Cambodia 2010 to 2011
12 Analysis of Export and Import Processes of Selected Products in Thailand 2010 to 2011
13 BPA of the Export of Jasmine Rice from Thailand to the United States 2009 to 2011
14 Facilitating Trade through Simplification of Trade Processes and Procedures in Bangladesh 2010 to 2011
15 An Analysis of Import-Export Procedures and Processes in China 2009 to 2010
16 BPA of the Export of Vegetable Ghee from Nepal to India and China and the Import of Textiles to Nepal from India 2009 to 2010