Request for Expression of Interest (EOI): To conduct a study on good (best) practices of national policy framework on (crossborder) paperless trade - Deadline 24 April 2020

Bangkok, Thailand


Recognizing the “importance of trade as an engine for inclusive economic growth and sustainable development” and that “facilitation of cross-border paperless trade makes international trade transactions more efficient and transparent while improving regulatory compliance”, the Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (Framework Agreement) was adopted at ESCAP in 2016, making the most recent UN treaty in the area of trade and development. Despite the importance of paperless trade, many developing ESCAP member States are at different stages of readiness in this area.

As part of implementing the Framework Agreement, ESCAP member States are working towards developing a template for designing a national policy framework. Indeed, once the Framework Agreement enters in force, “the Parties shall endeavour to establish a national policy framework for paperless trade, which may define targets and implementation strategies and allocate resources, and a  legislative framework.” [Article 6.1]. Many countries already have various policy frameworks, action plans and laws related to  paperless trade in place and it would be useful to fully understand how they, together (and in part or in whole), amount to an effective national policy framework for paperless trade – although it may not be referred to as such.

In this context, the Trade, Investment and Innovation Division of ESCAP seeks to hire an individual consultant to conduct a study on good (best) practices of national policy framework on (cross-border) paperless trade; and produce a template and guidelines on development of such national policy framework on this topic (the details, including proposed table of contents, of the report are in the annex). This is taking place as part of a larger project a sustained capacity building effort on cross-border paperless trade facilitation along the BRI corridors.

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI): Deadline 24 April 2020