UNNExT Capacity Building Workshop on Data Harmonization and Modelling for Single Window Environment in Maldives

Male, Maldives

Organized in response to an official request from the Government of Maldives, the Workshop intends to support building baseline capacity of Maldives stakeholders for future implementation of paperless trade systems and Single Window through training on data harmonization. Data Harmonization is a necessary step toward trade automation and introduction of electronic Single Window facilities. In the Workshop, the participants will learn: 1)the role and benefits of data harmonization and modelling for implementing a Single Window; 2) standards and concepts for data harmonization and modeling; and 3) step-by-step approach for data harmonization and development of electronic trade documents.


  • UNESCAP Trade and Investment Division (TID) in Collaboration with Ministry of Economic Development, Government of Maldives
  • Maldives Customs Service
  • World Customs Organization





Mr. Sangwon Lim
Economic Affairs Officer
Trade Facilitation Unit
Trade and Investment Division, ESCAP
Tel: (662) 288 2573
Email: [email protected]