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Name Category Main Expertise
Mr. Gantushig E-Service Provider Business Process Analysis
Prof. Georgyso
Mr. Gourish Krishna Kharel Academia Transport Facilitation (general)
Mr. Guliyev Rauf Zahid
Mr. Gurudutt P.B E-Service Provider Single Window
Mr. Ha Hai Do
Mr. Hamid Golmohammadi Trade/Business Association Single Window
Mr. Hao Wu Government Customs Facilitation
Mr. Harihar Poudyal
Mr. Harihara Sudhan K E-Service Provider Single Window
Dr. Harry Tan Soo Kiat
Dr. Heiner E-Service Provider Data Harmonization
Mr. Hisanao Sugamata Trade/Business Association Data Harmonization
Hoang Thanh Tung
Mr. Hong Lin International Organization Customs Facilitation
Prof. Hong Xue Academia Legal Issue
Dr. Hossam Younes Abd El Aziz Government Trade Facilitation (general)
Htay Shwe
Htein Lynn
Mr. Humayun Zafar E-Service Provider Customs Facilitation
Mr. Husam Al Dakak Trade/Business Association Agricultural Trade
Mr. Ian Watt E-Service Provider E-Commerce
Mr. Ibrahim Abdullahi Yaro Government Customs Facilitation
Mr. Ibrahima Diagne E-Service Provider Single Window
Dr. Igbal Babayev Government Customs Facilitation