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Name Category Main Expertise
Mr. Ioannis Theodorou E-Service Provider Single Window
Mr. Islombek Kurbanov Trade/Business Association Business Process Analysis
Mr. Ismail Hamdoon Government Single Window
Mr. Ismail Nashid Government Trade Facilitation (general)
Prof. Ivan Polo Academia Customs Facilitation
Dr. Iwan Budhiarta Academia Business Process Analysis
Dr. Jacky Yu Ki Ng International Organization E-Commerce
Mr. Jacob Ninan E-Service Provider Trade Automation
Mr. Jaeho Jung
Mr. Jagmohan Bajaj Government Trade Facilitation (general)
Mr. Jamal Shah Stanekzai Government
Dr. James Gract Trade/Business Association Transport Facilitation (general)
Mr. James Lenaghan Customs Facilitation
Dr. Jan Hoffmann International Organization Transport Facilitation (general)
Ms. Jana Krimpe E-Service Provider Public-Private Partnership
Mr. Jari Salo Trade/Business Association Trade Facilitation (general)
Mr. Javaid Mansoor Government Transit Facilitation
Ms. Jayani Nimanthika Government Transport Facilitation (general)
Mr. Jayvee Jasper Santos International Organization Customs Facilitation
Mr. Jeejo John K Business Process Analysis
Mr. Jeyhun Najafli Government Customs Facilitation
Mr. Ji, Seok-Koo Government E-Commerce
Prof. Jian Wang Academia E-Commerce
Ms. Jina Choi Trade/Business Association Data Harmonization
Joao Ribeiro International Organization